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Launch of Air Jump at Hilltop causes jumping bonanza in North Norfolk

Last week, we launched a new outdoor activity, Air Jump, at Hilltop Outdoor Centre in North Norfolk, which is the first of its kind in England. Air Jump is a 16 metre (52ft) jumping tower with various height platforms for people to jump off, before free-falling into a giant air bag.

Air Jump 2
Air Jump has varying jumping heights to choose from, which include two fun level jumps at 4 metres (13ft) and 5 metres (16ft), three high adrenaline jumps at 7 metres (23ft), 8 metres (26ft) and 10 metres (33ft), as well as a 13 metre (43ft) jump planned for the near future for the most extreme adrenaline junkie.

With a £35,000 investment, Air Jump has been specifically designed for Hilltop Outdoor Centre which will provide schools, businesses and the general public with the chance to take part in the unique activity, only seen before at specialist sports facilities outside of England and at promotional events.

To mark the launch, we arranged an official media morning where invited press came along to have a go on the unique activity first hand, which saw the likes of BBC Look East, BBC Radio Norfolk, Mustard TV, North Norfolk Radio and Iceni magazine amongst others attend.

photo 2

Images and information were sent out to the wider press post the launch event with additional coverage expected in The Sun, Eastlife and Fun Outside magazine to name a few!

Bookings for Air Jump have already been popular with an overwhelming demand from residential school visitors along with members of the public for adventure days during May, so make sure you get a date booked in to attend. You won’t regret it!