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New bike touring company buzzes into life

We’ve been helping a new sustainable bike touring company, Beespoke Tours, raise their profile in the press as they look to kick off the first of six trips planned for 2015, from London to Amsterdam, Paris and Bruges.


Each of the tours will be led by company co-founders Simon Izod and Clarissa Carlyon.

Co-founder at Beespoke Tours, Simon Izod, said: “Beespoke was born out of my quest to align a love for travel and a wish to live and work in a more environmentally sustainable way. Our cycle breaks will provide an authentic, exciting and rewarding experience of travelling.

We want people to gain the sense of achievement and empowerment from our tours, which come from taking an active role in their travel and pleasure. Our routes are planned to be safe, beautiful and sustainable.”

All Beespoke trips have been designed with sustainability in mind. Glamping sites and eco hotels have been specifically identified for accommodation, the food provided for breakfast, lunch and snacks are locally sourced, and Kelly Kettles are used to make tea with, which boils water in minutes using twigs to light.

With such a competitive market place, the key to achieving press coverage for this start up was really highlighting Beespoke’s point of difference – the sustainability angle!


Coverage about the tours has already appeared in The Guardian and Metro with additional pieces lined up in TNT magazine and Lonely Planet Traveller.

A journalist from The Guardian is also booked on the first Beespoke trip to experience a tour first hand. We can’t wait to see the write up!

If you’re interested in a 3-4 day European bike trip, then look no further. Visit www.beespoketours.co.uk for further information.